Inner Transformation Produces Outer Transformation

In our essence we are radiantly-shining suns. If we were to see our true light with our physical eyes, it would blind us. So where is our inner light hiding from our awareness? It is hiding in our shame, our guilt, our fears and our empirical sense of ego-self. These are all psychic blocks held in our deep consciousness, and serving the purpose of keeping us distracted from our true essence, unless we are seriously intent on knowing ourselves. These are the conditions we agreed to prior to our incarnation. We wanted to make certain that we learn the lessons of separation from our conscious Self, the Source of our life force.

To blow through our inner limitations is possible. This is the time for leaving the lower vibrations behind, to listen to truly inspiring music, which is drawn to us magnetically by our vibration, and to be inspired in nature. We are examining ourselves, monitoring our thoughts and emotions, and learning to choose the higher, more refined vibrations to dwell in with our attention and our passion. If we can hold this space very much, it transforms our life experiences, potentially immediately, because our vibration draws to us conditions that are suitable to the frequency of our energy signature. In this state of awareness, we can follow the energy of our heart, which expresses the energy of our divine Self, the frequency of unconditional love, joy, compassion, peace, abundance and beauty. It knows what we need and guides us to the fulfillment of all of this. Its impressions are soft and wonderful.

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