Inner Sensitivity to Intuition

While on the path of consciousness mastery, it can be helpful to live in a place where we feel joy and inspiration and are comfortable in natural wilderness. Being in surroundings of beauty and magnificence attract our attention to align with their vibrations. Walking barefoot on the Earth and swimming in natural pools and in the ocean can strengthen our alignment with the rising resonance of Gaia. Spending time in ancient forests and high mountains, where silence prevails, contribute to developing sensitivity to our inner knowing.

If we are not able to do this physically, we can do it in our imagination although it can be a challenge to imagine absolute silence without experiencing it physically. For this, a trip into the high mountains on a beautiful day, or perhaps underground in a cave, is necessary. We can use inspiring music and deep, rhythmic breathing, bio-feedback, and other methods to help us be present in awareness. When we are present, observing from a perspective of positive, high-vibrations, we can respond to encounters, while we are in alignment with the energetic levels of gratitude, compassion and joy.

It's nearly impossible to develop inner sensitivity, while living in a state of stress or any kind of fear. Yet inner sensitivity is needed to live in a state of love and joy, because then we know that we have everything we need, and we know what to do in every moment. Making that transition from negative to positive polarity is a leap in consciousness, because of the need for sensitivity to our intuitive knowing. Once we make this leap, our life experiences change greatly, as long as we stay positive, which is what we are designed to be. This is what is natural for us, when we have no fear, only compassion and understanding.

True knowing comes from within our own consciousness. We receive it through our alignment with the conscious life force that we receive in every moment, and which connects us into universal consciousness. The clarity of our focus transmits what we know to our realization.

If we decide to engage in the exploration of our consciousness, looking for our limiting beliefs and examining them for validity, we can decide to resolve them in alignment with what we know intuitively. We can enforce our decisions throughout our innate consciousness with willful commands. We are the masters of our subconscious and can align our entire Being with positive, high-vibratory living in love, gratitude, joy and fulfillment.

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