In Seeking a Higher Quality of Life

We have been shielded from knowing our whole Being by our personal beliefs and by distractions. Human society has closed its awareness to the energies that are natural to us and to the Spirit of the Earth. Many seekers of enlightenment have chosen to live in a natural environment, mostly apart from society, in order to align with the energy of Gaia. Realized alignment with our Earth Spirit can be calming and attractive for a positive life surrounded by beauty.

Nearly all of our life experiences have been distractions that have kept us in the human hypnotic trance of limited consciousness. When we desire to awaken from this trance into a greater reality, and our desire becomes intention, we are guided from within and all around in symbolic ways that we can understand. The vibrations of this guidance radiate through our intuition, from within the energy of our heart. When we become sensitive to subtle feelings and promptings, we become able to follow our intuitive knowing. It is always positive and life-enhancing.

Through our intuition, we can understand that the human drama requires our attention for it to be real for us. Everyone we encounter is a reflection of our own vibratory level, including the aberrations. Through our attention and energetic alignment, we create the human experience in physicality. By withdrawing our attention from human life as we know it, we can intentionally align with Gaia and live in gratitude and joy. We can greet every encounter with a realization of our inner light in the energy that comes through the heart of our Being.

Depending on our sensitivity to our intuition, we can be guided as much as we need, even in our predicaments. Intuitive knowing is always present deep in our consciousness, and it always depends on our reception for our realization. To receive it, we must practice being mentally and emotionally open, clear and present. By following our intuition, we can follow our prompting to be more open and unlimited. We begin this awakening when we want to be positive and bright in every moment.

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