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Identifying with the Song of Our Heart

In a world going crazy with chaos and intolerable mandates, violence and destruction, we are being guided to redirect our attention to what truly matters and can lift us above the low-vibratory energies engulfing our planet. Only by holding our own energy signature in balance in higher frequencies can we change the energy level of humanity in alignment with the rising resonance of the Earth. We have the ability to transform the vibrations around us into feelings of kindness and love.

When we feel the vibrations of our heart in any situation, we are moved to acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and compassion for all who are involved in the drama of human life. Because we are the Creators, we can make ourselves exempt from the influences of the low vibratory conditions by transforming everything we perceive and feel that has a negative polarity of fear and life-diminishing energy. We do this by intentionally changing the energy within ourselves to positive, life-enhancing vibrations in our own emotional and mental state. We can use our visionary and emotional abilities to focus on the light that is present in everyone we encounter.

Every human has a heart, and we can stimulate and enhance its radiance by our own transforming love and compassion. Every heart sings of joy and unconditional love unceasingly and forever. It is the conscious life force flowing from the Creator of all. We can call this energy forth in everyone we encounter through our own love and compassion, as we remain steadfast in our perspective.

Everything that exists is a manifestation of flowing patterns of electromagnetic energy in the unified quantum field, and we are connected to all of it through our emotions and mental processes. We constantly modulate the energy patterns in our presence by how we feel and think. By choosing to live in high-vibrations of feeling and perceiving, we can be motivated constantly by the vibratory patterns of life force flowing through our heart. In this state of Being, we do not attract low vibratory experiences, because we are not in alignment with them. We attract only what aligns with our vibratory patterns.

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