Identifying the One Conscious Being

In recognizing consciousness as the prime cause of everything, quantum physicists have realized that consciousness is mysterious and largely incomprehensible for us, yet we know what it is. We experience it as our awareness and our self-realization. It is our intuitive knowing and the source of our life force. It is our mental and emotional components and everything that we are that is not material or energetic. Our consciousness enables us to create forms and experiences out of electromagnetic energy patterns. It enables us to be creators of everything by our ability to modulate the ever-present infinite fluctuation of energies in the quantum field that envelops us. Our creative abilities lie in our mental and emotional expressions. We can pay attention to and envision whatever we choose, always. We can elicit feelings under all circumstances. Our life force radiates into the quantum field of all potentialities, from which it becomes the quality of experience that we focused our attention on.

Our consciousness is multi-dimensional, and we exist in other timelines at the same time as now, and are experiencing different situations and states of being. In our essence we are pure conscious, self-realizing presence of Being with infinite creative ability. In order to live within the limitations of the consciousness of third-dimensional life, we have compartmentalized our conscious awareness with limiting beliefs about who we are. We can examine each of these beliefs from the perspective of our intuitive knowing, conveyed by the life force flowing through our heart. It is a perspective of compassionate wisdom and knowing of truth.

We can become sensitive to our life force and feel its flow. We can observe how it changes in strength and feeling with the vibratory patterns that we focus upon. Low-frequency energy based in fear requires us to limit our reception of our natural life force and believe we are mortal. But our life force enlivens us eternally, and we enliven our body with the flow of our life force until we withdraw it. The quality of our body and our experiences depends upon the frequency of our energy signature, which we control through our thoughts, intentions and feelings. High-frequency energy, based in love and compassion, gives us joy, because it stimulates our intuition to know our eternal Being.

In our essence we are constantly arising out of the Being of the Prime Creator, the One Consciousness that is everything and everyone. It is beyond our current knowing, but it is us. We are fractals, personalized expressions of the Prime Creator. In our essential Being, each of us is Prime Creator.

And we believed we are just mortal humans.

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