Humanity’s Only Future Timeline

The awakening of humanity from the hypnotic trance of eons is happening now. All possible timelines for our experiences have converged, and there is only one possible direction ahead. The increasing flow of high-frequency divine energy is carrying us all into a higher dimension of vibrations.

As the resonant frequency of the Earth rises by leaps of octaves, all life forms on the planet are coming into alignment. This is why it’s important to spend time in nature, absorbing and aligning with the natural vibrations and soaking up the Sun, whose transmissions are bringing us large quantities of gamma ray photons, making everything brighter and awakening our DNA into higher vibrations.

We live in the plasma energy flow of the cosmos and have the ability to recognize energy patterns through experiential and imaginary realizations. By constantly choosing to be in heart-centered situations, we elevate the quality of our energy signatures, attracting experiences that align with our vibrational spectrum.

We are being prompted to be more heart-centered in our perspective. If we imagine and feel ourselves being in wonderful situations vibrating in the spectrum of love, gratitude and compassion, we create the energy patterns around us in resonance. Fear becomes non-existent, once we know our personal eternal Being. This is what we are awakening to, as we become aware of our limitless nature. We participate in universal consciousness, out of which everything is constantly created moment to moment.

Our true Being is just present Self-awareness with unlimited abilities by virtue of our mental and emotional energy modulations. As we eliminate our false beliefs about ourselves, we can expand our awareness without limits into full realization of our true Being.

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