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Humanity’s Great Delusion

We’ve all had to accept the limited consciousness of humanity in order to live here in this dimension. Humanity lives in a frequency spectrum of electromagnetic waves that we perceive as the physical world. It seems solid to us, and it stimulates all of our senses. But is this all there is? How can we know from within our limited consciousness?

We can expand our consciousness intentionally. The findings of quantum physics may be helpful. We know through scientific experiments that time and space do not exist apart from the conscious fixation of humans. There is no physical world, apart from the recognition of humanity.

If humans did not consciously observe the wave patterns of humanity’s energy signature, the empirical world would not exist for us. It would just be patterns of energy waves, until we observe this spectrum again. Then our observation of these wave patterns manifests materiality in our experience instantly, because we are creating it with our recognition.

This exclusive constant focus within humanity’s energy spectrum makes us appear as if we are exclusively material beings, with no awareness of vibrations beyond humanity’s spectrum. We have deeply imprinted limitations on our perceptions. These we must resolve with compassion and love.

Our recognition creates our awareness. If we can recognize higher vibration scenarios, we experience life at those levels of vibration. We are unified beings, and our emotions generally operate in resonance with our thoughts and imaginings. To recognize the essence of something, we must be aware of its energy signature, which we feel emotionally. It is our sense of the quality of presence of being.

Every being is sovereign and eternal. Everything is conscious, from the smallest sub-atomic entities to the galaxies and beyond. Consciousness is unlimited. It is everywhere in all dimensions of timelessness. Consciousness is the source of everything and everyone. It expresses itself as a unified quantum field of all potentialities. This is a field of plasma that is aware and responds to consciousness always. It provides the life force for every conscious entity and connects all through itself. It experiences everything every entity everywhere experiences.

We arise out of the unified quantum field with our own unique energy signature. It is our presence of being. Our essence has the ability to resonate the energy patterns that we encounter. With our emotional power and our imagination, we can create scenarios that will attract resonant beings and situations. By being in joy and recognizing it, we attract joyful situations and beings, and we contribute to raising the energy signature of humanity. We participate in universal consciousness, once we have resolved all of our self-imposed limitations.

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