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How Wonderful Can Our Present Life Be?

Is it possible for any of us to live a miraculous and joyful life in the current situation that any of us may find ourselves involved in? What binds any of us to unfulfilling personal drama, poverty, illness or any kind of suffering, and why are we involved in these conditions? We’ve developed our perspectives over many lifetimes and have chosen to live as successfully as we can with our physical, mental and emotional resources as separate human beings with our ego consciousness to guide us, and then we die. This is our condition and our chosen predicament. What more is there? Many beliefs about an after-life are offered to us, but until we actually experience something better, how are we to know any different?

Ultimately we must be our own teachers. We must learn how life works and how to expand our own conscious awareness to encompass everything we want to know, and we must train ourselves to live according to the highest and best ways that we can know.

From the perspective of material reality, quantum physics has given us the knowledge of the energetic basis of everything that exists. It has shown that everything arises from universal consciousness in a perfectly designed cosmos that operates according to intricate patterns of interacting energy waves. Everything participates in universal consciousness, from the tiniest sub-atomic particles and waves to the greatest genius of humanity and galactic star systems. Humanity has the self-motivated option to think, feel and behave in ways that detract from the cosmic design. We can live in ignorance of universal truth or in intentional delusion, if we choose or allow ourselves to be trained to do so. This is the reason we suffer, live in fear and feel unfulfilled.

We are designed to live in harmony with all that is and to feel fulfilled in every way, but we have chosen to experience what happens when we become gremlins in the grand design. Now we know this experience, and we have the opportunity to become self-aware of our true being. We can use our own awareness to expand itself, because all of our limitations are self-imposed, even if we are born into challenging situations. They are fear-based. They enclose us in time and space in a dimension that we share with humanity.

Occasionally we have glimpses of a higher realm of joy and deepest love. These glimpses can be the key to our escape from dire situations. It is our realization of our highest emotions that can raise our energy signature and take us into our freedom and the true expression of our Being. By focusing on our feelings of love and compassion for ourselves and others, we attract the energies that resonate with those feelings, and our life situation becomes more beautiful and fulfilling. This is how we call miracles into our lives and rise above all sense of poverty and enslavement. We can become aware of our true presence as an eternal self-aware Being of deepest love and joy submerged in and arising out of universal consciousness that penetrates and enforms everything. We extend our consciousness into our physical presence, and we continue to live in dimensions beyond the empirical. All we need is our recognition and realization of our true Being.

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