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How to Love and Not Be Assaulted

Our experiences are in alignment with our energy signature. When our conscious intention moves us into higher vibrations, we’re still collecting experiences that we’ve already created in the energy pattern that we’re leaving. These we can deal with by staying in the vibration of our heart energy. Eventually everything resonates with our higher vibrations.

Those in the lower vibrations keep trying to make their ego more comfortable in an adverse environment. There is always competition and manipulation. Truth is not especially obvious. From the lower vibrations, those of higher vibrations appear to be easy to scam and take advantage of. This may be true for those wanting to be in higher vibrations, but still willing to believe themselves as victims, which gives permission to be assaulted. The lower-dimensional beings, who crave power, may try to reach those in the higher spectrum, but they cannot, because of what happens to their consciousness when they try. They become unstable and cannot function properly. For them, this kind of interaction seems impossible to understand.

From the lower vibrations it can be scary to make the leap to the higher way of life. It means leaving your old life and all your trappings behind, useful for a while perhaps, but leaving. It means complete change in perspective, and what will happen is difficult to grasp from a lower perspective.

Once we’re emotionally engaged in higher frequencies, we cannot be reached by lower-vibrational energy, unless we give it our attention and life force. Our life force is the constant flow of divine, high-vibrational consciousness into our heart center. When we have no personal drama and self-imposed boundaries in our personal consciousness, we are aware of this divine consciousness that is limitless. This is our natural state. We exist in a high-frequency energy spectrum of unconditional love and peace and joy. Low-frequency energy in this presence goes into anomalous frequency patterns and becomes unstable. Thus, entities in the low-frequency spectrum cannot exist in the higher-frequency spectrum. When we follow the guidance of our heart in every level of our consciousness, we are emotionally free to live however we feel moved to. We know how to live in higher frequencies with compassion, forgiveness and love for all conscious beings, which is everything.

We allow ourselves to be attracted to the most beautiful and joyous experiences, because these are the choices that we love the most. Our ego feels safe and divinely guided with the understanding that loving always and recognizing that all is love is the best way to be.

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