How to Avoid Mental Crippling

The mind cannot know higher consciousness. The quantum realm is a mystery to the mind, although mathematicians have been able to conceptualize it; however, what they have found is a deeper mystery. We cannot comprehend infinity, even though we know that it’s endless forever. Its recognition requires a state of serenity. This is the obstacle we face in trying to imagine operating in universal consciousness. It’s actually something we naturally do, when we’re unhindered by fear. We can pay attention to our feelings with the intent of achieving a state of serenity in complete openness of awareness. Here we can be aware of our intuitive guidance, which operates in universal consciousness in the quantum field. It is our natural knowing of everything and our guidance to create anything. In complete alignment with our intuitive knowing and being, we are unlimited in every way. In our true Self, we are each a pure self-aware personal presence of Being with unlimited abilities to express ourselves through creation.

The mind can be a useful navigator in our expressions and encounters, as we participate in human society and life. Since it cannot know higher guidance, we can intend to open ourselves to our intuition in every moment. The mind can help us to express what we know intuitively, and we can know everything we desire to know as deeply as we want to go. It is all within our consciousness. Everything we know is true comes through our intuition. It is how we know anything, and everything is within our knowing in clarity.

We can realize that everything we experience is a reflection of our personal consciousness. We are constantly creating the quality of every moment of our experience with our thoughts and emotions. We bring the energy of the quantum field into alignment with our own frequencies, and it materializes the energy of what we recognize, imagine and feel. As we desire greater participation in higher vibrations, we attract them into our experience. By consciously being in their spectrum of energy, we are aligning ourselves with a higher dimension of living and can be drawn toward our inner light.

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