How Life Helps Us to Evolve

This life is to be inspiring and beautiful for us. We can learn how to go within to find out who we truly are as an aspect of the universal Consciousness, which we all participate in within the limits we impose upon our awareness. We have the power to create a life of abundance, love and beauty now and transform the great challenges of this world. It is time for all of us to shift to a higher level of consciousness. We must intend to be in the Presence of the Master Consciousness that we love the most.

When we are living in vibrations that are lower than we are created to enjoy, life has a way to guide us to a more elevated experience. When we take the path to darkness, we live in constant fear that our dark vibrations will result in suffering for us. We all inherently know this. Sometimes we blame others or some amorphous force outside of ourselves for our plight, especially if we’re experiencing poverty, illness or great trauma. It may be difficult for us to believe that we have attracted these experiences to ourselves. We may have inherited our vibrations. If this is our situation, we have chosen it prior to birth in order to learn something. In any negative situation, we receive hints that can lead us to freedom for something better. It may be a suggestion that just occurs to us or that someone else offers. It may be an unusual occurrence that opens our awareness of something better. It may be a subtle prompt, or it may be a major jolt of awakening, but we are never left without help. We do have the free will to disregard this assistance, in which case our situation will probably become worse for us, but if we ask for help from our guides and angels and from God, it is always given. It is, however, for us to recognize it and take action.

In every case we have the ability to change our situation completely by raising the frequency of our perspective, which changes our energy signature and attracts higher-vibrating experiences and people into our lives. By using our ability to know ourselves in our deepest Being, we can call forth feelings of great love and joy. This is how we raise our energy signature and attract wonderful and magical experiences into our lives.

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