How is it possible for us to love unconditionally?

What keeps us from being able to do so?

Fear is our great undoing. Without fear, however, we could not have survived as ego-based beings on this planet, because for thousands of years we have been threatened and intimidated to be fearful, lest we be tortured and killed, if we did not allow ourselves to be subjected to the dictates of our rulers. This energy is still present. In many places, if we do not submit to DNA-altering vaccines and mask-wearing, we are not allowed to enter a grocery store or travel or do many other things. We are made to submit voluntarily against our better judgment in order to survive. We are slaves. This is far from an environment of any kind of love. How can we overcome this low-vibration situation?

In terms of quantum energetics, low-vibration energy patterns, when in the presence of high-frequency energies, tend to either rise in frequency to resonate with the higher frequencies, or their frequency patterns get interrupted by the intensity of the higher frequencies and become unstable and dissolve.

In our experience of these enslaving situations, the path of transformation is to imagine our present situation from a perspective of deepest love and compassion. Feel what that is. Always observe everything from the perspective of love and compassion, no matter how challenging. This perspective keeps us in a dimension of vibrations that is beyond the reach of low-frequency vibration situations. We just disappear from them.

The empirical world is our conscious interpretation of a spectrum of electromagnetic waves in the quantum field. There are other worlds of other frequency patterns. Sometimes they encounter each other, and if there’s an exchange of energy, the frequency patterns may destabilize and then return to resonance in the high frequencies. For us to experience this, we need a constant intention to maintain a perspective of true love and compassion and other high-frequency emotions and intuitive understanding. We no longer give low-vibration energy patterns any of our life force through our attention and emotional hookup. We become disconnected. This is how we disappear from the lower vibrational world and live in the realm of love and compassion. This becomes our experience and entry into a new world of beauty and unconditional love everywhere.

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