How Far Are We Willing to Go?

Everything that we know about, in its essence, is an electromagnetic wave pattern. We are enveloped by infinite numbers of them comprising a quantum field of all potentialities. As conscious Beings, we express ourselves electromagnetically and are able to interact with any of these wave patterns. We have our conscious magnetic and electrical polarities that attract wave patterns that are in alignment and repel those that are dissonant. Our polarity is either positive, life-enhancing or negative life-diminishing, in alignment with our dominant mental and emotional states.

The farther we go in maintaining a positive, life-enhancing perspective, the greater our awareness becomes. We can transcend our limiting beliefs, which we can recognize as unnatural, fear-based and of negative polarity. We needed them for our human experience, but now they are irrelevant. They don’t feel comfortable, because they don’t align with our natural state of Being, which is sovereign and free. All of our limitations are self-imposed, and we can unlimit ourselves by resolving every limitation that we become aware of, or by transcendence in consciousness. This requires focusing only on vibratory patterns that are positive and of high vibrations. It is the realm of compassion and unlimited, greatest love.

It is a leap in consciousness for us to become positively polarized. It is the move from a perspective based in fear to one based in joy. We decide in each moment which polarity we align with. This is usually a sub-conscious operation, and requires training to change it. We can begin the process by aligning with positive, high-vibration feeling and envisioning. We can imagine scenarios with joyous, loving people having wonderful and exciting experiences. This elevates our energy signature toward those vibrations and attracts compatible ones. It also introduces our subconscious to those vibrations. With practice the old limitations disappear.

With intentional focus on positive, good-feeling thoughts of gratitude, kindness and feeling connected in our essential Being, we can elevate our energetic signature, making it possible for us to recognize our eternal present awareness beyond time and space.

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