How Do We Know Who We Are?

We can recognize how we feel about ourselves on many levels in the Matrix that we inhabit. If we can understand ourselves as pure energy appearing as our body in a world that seems material, we will understand that we’re multi-dimensional beings. We can change our frequency and the quality of our experiences at will, but we are usually inhibited by limitations based on deep-seated fear and trauma, together with our social training. We need to make peace with all of these emotions.

By adjusting our frequency higher in greater love and joy, we change our lives, and all of our experiences flow from gratitude and acceptance of abundance and kindness. This is how we find the deepest level of being within, and we find our inner light, our life force. This recognition comes with a feeling of fulfillment and joy. In this space we eventually become aware that we are unlimited in every way, since we share the consciousness of all that is. We have the same attributes and abilities as the energy that we flow from, our source consciousness. All conscious beings everywhere exist in a stream of vital energy from the same source of all being. We are enveloped in the unconditional love of universal being.

We all play our roles in the Matrix of the material world, but there is more than one dimension in this drama. We can use our imagination and our emotional power to penetrate deeply into our inner awareness of self-identity. Here we are within the consciousness that includes many dimensions. If we follow the path of love and joy, our lives transform wonderfully in that direction. This is how we become aware of higher dimensions, expanding the self-imposed limits of our personal consciousness.

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