How do we know what's real?

When we’re dreaming, even day-dreaming, are we experiencing a projection from our subconscious self, or are we in another dimension of life, and when we awaken, we shift back to our waking dimension? Are we creating experiences in our subconscious imagination? Are we in a collective trance, during which we are experiencing the life we’re now living?

If this trance is a kind of holographic projection that we inhabit, then we’re here to collect experiences and make realizations. We’re learning how to play with different vibratory patterns from low to high frequencies and move around in them to find out what they feel like. In this case we could be influenced and controlled through suggestive programming and event planning by a consciousness that is not in the same trance and may present great challenges to us.

How does one self-awaken from a trance? A feeling may arise that we want a better life, because our current life is not deeply fulfilling, or we may be feeling vulnerable, depressed or even fearful.

As we connect more deeply with the feelings we like the most, we become more aware of a larger presence of personhood. Anything less than truly sovereign and self-determined being is not acceptable to our deepest inner self. Any realization of our true essence of being brings an awakening to a much more expanded consciousness and a deeper understanding of life.

The better life means living in higher vibrations, where we become our higher self, moved by love and compassion and being in joy! Through our heart and in gratitude we allow the flow of the force of life to radiate within and through us. We become angels of light radiating unlimited love throughout humanity and our living Earth. And so our world is filled with light and love and joy.

For most of us, once we get a glimmer of true joy and love, we immediately know this is the vibe we want to be in. Then we have to untangle all the karmic knots and grudges and inherited unresolved threats and fears and open ourselves beyond the walls to awareness.

This is our destiny. It is in the flow of divine life constantly enveloping us by our creator. Without this life force coming through our heart, we could not be. With it, we are infinitely unlimited creative beings, provided we do not block this energy with an incorrect perspective from old training for a lower-vibration existence. It is this lower-vibration existence that we’ve been trained to live within. In order to change the whole thing, we must awaken from the trance of psychic enslavement. By calling up the purest love we can imagine and the deepest joy, we awaken to a new life in a new world.

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