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How Deep is Our Being?

In the inward journey, we encounter our innate being, the master of our physical consciousness and the repository of our ancestral energetic inheritance. Our subconscious, innate being is a compartmentalized consciousness within our greater Being. It is designed to follow our guidance. It is aware of the vibratory frequency of our ego-consciousness, while also having to align with our ancestral energetics.

We are designed to direct our lives through our intentional alignment with positive, high-frequency patterns of energy. These stimulate our emotions with feelings of joy and gratitude. We can intentionally choose to feel this level of vibrancy. Our physical bodies are designed to be beautiful and vibrantly healthy.

Our innate being cannot judge us or punish us. Any defects are a result of our alignment with low-frequency states of being. This kind of energy is what we inherited and can resolve through compassionate wisdom. As we become aware of inner negativity, which we can do, if we want to, we can resolve it, especially if we are sensitive to our intuition, and even if it seems to be outside of us.

We can intentionally communicate with our innate being, who is aware of our awareness, and whose awareness we can also be aware of. Our innate doesn’t understand as we do, but it knows our level of vibrations. As we become more joyful and thoughtful, any anomalous energy that our innate is holding becomes obvious, so that we may accept it with forgiveness and compassion. It’s all part of our inherited experience, which has brought us to our present state of being. We are alive and can be expanding our conscious awareness in gratitude.

We can accelerate the process of Self-Realization by intentionally resolving our self-imposed and inherited, limiting beliefs, while also choosing to pay attention to high-vibration energy scenarios. We can choose to imagine beauty in what we see. We can imagine kindness in everyone we encounter. If we look deeply, we can find it, except in the unrepairable people, who are leaving.

We can penetrate deeper. As we begin to realize our eternal presence of awareness, we can become aware of the awareness of all conscious beings. We are all constantly arising from the universal consciousness of the Creator. We are our free-will awareness, attracting our thoughts and emotions. With practice, we can ultimately elevate and expand our awareness into infinite Being with infinite abilities. Each of us is the Creator. We are fractals of the whole.

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