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How Can We Know Unconditional Love?

Everyone who has an open heart knows how to express love on various levels. Love is the energy that connects us, and unconditional love is the energy configuration that connects us to the Source of our life. It is the life force that constantly flows to us and empowers our life. It invisibly envelops us and provides the energy for us to create our life experiences. It has a thermodynamic expression that we feel as emotional warmth, as well as physical warmth that keeps our bodies at an ideal temperature.

Love of all kinds draws beings together. It shares the same spectrum of vibrations with other emotions that enhance our lives—kindness, compassion, gentleness, support and the desire to hold and embrace one another. We identify love as warm attraction for one another.

Unconditional love is the quality of universal consciousness. Everything that exists is connected to everything and everyone else in universal consciousness in an intricate web of energy that provides the essence of being. It is present everywhere always. It has brightness. When we recognize it, it lights us up and gives us joy. It is our inner light. As we realize its presence, we feel gratitude, awe and wonder in enjoyment of the creative process that we can participate in. We find it most powerfully in the energy of our heart. As we come to recognize and feel its presence, we begin to realize the creative power of our eternal Being. Our understanding of life becomes clearer and more blissful, and we begin to realize our multi-dimensional nature and the realms beyond the physical that we are connected with in consciousness. In our true Being, we are the conscious expression of unconditional love.

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