How Can We Know the Unknown?

Perhaps we can start with what we actually know. If we depend only upon our senses, we know only the empirical world, which is where our traditional sciences are focused. If we add our emotions and mental processes, we enter the realm of our psyche. This is more of a semi-empirical, energetic world. If we move into our conscious awareness, we are in the realm of pure energetic expression. We all know that we are persons, but who is our person?

Every day we interact with the unknown, but we do not seriously consider it as such. We believe our world is solid, and we’ve learned how to make our way through life by moving from one established pattern of experience to another. Sometimes we’ll venture out from our comfort zone with foreign travel or a new relationship, but it’s all within the Matrix of human experience. The idea of having an experience that takes us out of our body consciousness and into the unknown realm of pure being is beyond our awareness. When it happens, however, we shift our consciousness to another dimension that is present everywhere, including here.

We have words and descriptions that allude to this realm, but it is beyond the boundaries of our current awareness and is thus unknown to us. Many who have returned from near-death experiences have described their experiences beyond the body. What is known is that their awareness didn’t change when they were not in the body. They were still self-aware persons able to function fully in the realm where they were focused.

For us the greatest unknown is the depth of our own consciousness. We can create any circumstance that we imagine and feel. In our true Being, there is no unknown. We participate in universal consciousness and can realize our infinite creative power.

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