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How Can We Believe What Is True?

Humanity is surrounded in low-vibration energy to keep us from realizing what is real and true. Intention on our part is required to discern what is real. We must pay attention to our feelings always. They interpret the energy in our presence for our realization.

Our beliefs about reality are no longer useful, since we are now much more aware than we were, when we formed our beliefs. They keep us from expanding our awareness beyond their borders. In this state, we can strive to believe absolutely only in truth, until it becomes real in our experience.

Truth has its own vibrational resonance that we can feel confident about. There is no energy of fear, only the high vibration of love. To live at this level of vibration means being aware of thoughts and emotions that elevate and expand our consciousness. These feelings mean that we are creating experiences that resonate with these high-vibe thoughts and emotions.

We can now think and feel on a high-vibe level. We’re searching through our sensitivity for divine love within and learning to be in our Presence. We can achieve a state of being in which we no longer have needs or unfulfilled desires. Our lives become miraculous in providing everything we could want in living and pursuing our life’s purpose. We can know all of this from our experience in living it. And so it becomes our way of life.

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