How Are We the Creators of Our Lives?

Just as we create what we fear, we also create what we love. We are of the same essence as our Creator, and the life-force of our Creator constantly flows through our hearts with its creative energy, providing the quality of life in our experiences that we have predominantly imagined and felt. If all we imagine and feel is what comes to us in our daily lives, we continue to create those same daily lives. We neither grow in spirit nor consciousness.

Only by imagining a new life, while feeling passionate emotions when experiencing the imaginary movie, and then doing this often, can we create the experiences we want the most. Our energy signature’s vibrations determine the energy that we attract.

Feelings of love and joy, along with thoughts of beauty and abundance, will create experiences of those things. This is how the creative energy that we are brings to us our life experiences. As part of humanity, we normally vibrate within a limited spectrum of energy. By consciously living in the vibrations of love and joy, we can begin to live in the vision of the new ascended Earth that all lightworkers are creating.

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