How Are We Multidimensional?

What is a dimension? It is a range of frequencies of electromagnetic wave patterns that constitute our experiences. It has upper and lower frequency boundaries. The dimension that humanity has been living in is the empirical world that we know through our senses and that we’ve been able to probe with our technology. All of these vibrations stimulate us in our emotional being in ways that we recognize through our feelings. Every frequency stimulates a unique emotion in us, which we can know when we are aware of this.

We can experience a range from very low-frequencies of deepest fear and torture to very high frequencies of ecstatic rapture. The times of shared beauty, joy and true love are rare in human experience. Most of the time we’re around the median vibrations of our experiences. This is the primary resonant frequency of humanity’s energy signature and is the focus of our dimension.

Life in a dimension lower than deep fear may be too horrible to endure. In frequencies at the resonant level of greatest joy and deepest compassion, we experience a higher dimension. This spectrum of emotion is not normally available for us and requires a leap in consciousness to experience. With a strong intention, any of us can do this.

We have learned that we prefer the higher frequencies of our emotions, the feelings of joy and love. As we intentionally align our awareness with these emotions, our visions also come into alignment with higher frequencies of beauty and brilliance. These are the qualities of energy available to us in a state of expanded consciousness in the next dimensions of higher vibrations. They come with extra-sensory realizations and greater power of manifestation into experiences. We begin to realize our life stream connecting us to the quantum field.

As we eliminate our accustomed blocks to awareness and other anomalous limitations, we’re raising our consciousness into the next dimension, and we experience it more and more. Many of us are currently living in at least two dimensions and are intending to expand higher.

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