How Are We Beings of Light?

Humans emit biophotons. They can be released through mental intention and can stimulate cell-to-cell communication and DNA activity.

Photons are quantities of energy without mass (scientists ask how is this possible) that have measurable velocity. They appear as energy waves or particles, depending on whether or not they are being observed. Their movement creates interference with the movement of other photons and electrons. Although one photon is not visible to our eyes, it exists within our visible light spectrum and can be measured by sensitive instruments. The purer our creative intentions and the more passion we put into them, the more biophotons we emit. These constitute our aura.

Photons also are highly conscious beings. They know when they’re being observed, and they know how to get to where they’re going, regardless of obstacles. If there is a pathway or many, the photon will know them all instantaneously and use them all. It exists in the quantum state and can be in more than one place at the same time. Its awareness is unlimited. It can synchronize itself with the quantum state of the universe.

We can emit biophotons because we have all of the capabilities of the photon, or we could not emit it. It must derive all of its abilities from its creator. Since we emit biophotons, we must be endowed by our Creator to have the abilities of the photon. This implies that we have identities as both energy quantity and physical presence. We can manifest as energy beings or as physical beings. We can travel out of the body astrally in dreams and daydreams. When the physical body dies, the energy being continues to exist with its abilities no longer limited by the material being.

Thus we are beings of light, and the quantum state in which we are the brightest is in our heart energy. This is most excited by love, joy and compassion.

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