How Are We All One Being?

We have all participated in designing and implementing the world that humanity experiences. We have been embodied many times and have played many roles, from the most despicable scoundrels to the brightest shining stars. We have played with dark energies of the worst kind and have been tortured for our strongest desires for freedom and higher consciousness. Now it’s time for us to forgive ourselves and everyone else. From the depths of our being we can be in compassion and forgiveness.

The empirical world is so convincing as reality that we really believe we are separate beings. In the greater reality, however, we all arise from the same Being and share our essence with our Creator. In our consciousness and life force, we are all reflections of each other on an energetic level.

What is important is that we don’t get stuck in low-frequency vibrations. Some beings have sought exorbitant amounts of money and power over others and have greatly mistreated those that they have conquered. This is where we’ve all been enslaved. For the victims to be angry, frustrated, hateful, depressed and judgmental keeps them in low vibrational experiences. Holding grudges is being stuck in low-vibration experiences. Forgiveness is necessary for ourselves for misguiding us by taking us into dark experiences that have created strong low-vibration emotions in us. These emotions can be transformed by recognizing them from a high-vibration perspective of compassionate wisdom. Our strong high-vibration presence will require alignment, when encountering low-vibration energy, or it will destabilize and dissolve.

We do not condone low-vibrational actors and their energy. We withdraw our attention and our life force from them. The way out of poverty, victimization and oppression is by raising our vibrations through imagining and feeling forgiveness and love and even joyful scenarios for ourselves. These vibrations radiate throughout our being and reflect back to us as higher-vibrational experiences in miraculous ways. By living in our high-vibration inner world, we create a high-vibration world of experience in our conscious awareness. This becomes our reality.

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