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Holographic Reality

Quantum physics has shown that we live in a plasmatic field of infinite potentialities. What we experience is what we recognize consciously. We have free will to recognize whatever we choose to focus our attention upon. Because most humans have focused upon the energies that manifest as the empirical world, those vibrations have become well-established in our consciousness, and we continue to recognize them consciously.

We have the ability to create an entire new world of experience by changing our perspectives. We are not limited to the environment and experiences that we had yesterday or last year or two seconds ago. Our conscious realizations are potentially infinitely creative. What we entertain in our feelings and awareness determines our experiences.

Most of us continue to hold our past experiences and present situation as projections of what we expect in our future. The spectrum of energies that our consciousness interprets as the empirical world is very convincing as an appearance of reality, and it is real in our conscious awareness. We are the ones providing our life force through our attention to this world and giving it our creative power. We can also use this power to create better personal experiences, which also increases our energy signature vibrations, making everything better.

As we expand our own conscious awareness, we also draw the rest of conscious beings into a higher realm of presence by the radiation of our energy signature, which we live within as our aura. As we jump to a more joyous awareness, we become invisible to lower entities, because we intentionally do not give them our life force. Their frequency is not compatible with ours. Because we’re consciously directing the life force of the universal consciousness, in our Presence all lower frequencies must come into alignment or become unstable and disappear. It’s all a matter of energetics, which reveal themselves to us through our emotions and deep sensitivity.

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