High-Vibration Inspiration

The quantum field consists of electromagnetic waves. These operate on intersecting planes of spinning wave patterns. Those that are magnetic are the ones we feel emotionally. Those that are electric stimulate our conscious mind, enabling it to recognize patterns and forms. We participate in interactions with both of these kinds of energy. Where the two planes intersect in our personhood determines the frequency of our energy signature. Our thoughts intersecting with our emotions creates a point in time that emits a radiation of electromagnetic wave patterns that we recognize as our world of experience. This process appears and disappears trillions of times a second. The process of our recognition and creation is happening in every moment, and it is always now, the present moment, continuously flowing into new experiences. Each now moment of our recognition emits a vibratory frequency that creates an experience that is energetically aligned. This changes with our mental and emotional vibratory focus.

The quality or vibratory resonance of our attention determines the momentary spectrum of our energy signature, which attracts compatible momentary energy patterns into our experience. There is a flow of frequencies, wave lengths and amplitude in every moment, guided by our attention and recognition. We feel these energies emotionally from deepest fear to greatest joy. Emotionally we always feel the energies that surround us, and we have the choice of aligning with them or changing our focus to align with a different vibratory pattern. We can be the masters of creation of our experiences, once we realize how it all works energetically.

By understanding energetic processes, our mind gains confidence that we actually can create miracles in our experiences through visionary focus on high-vibration scenarios. While holding such a focus, we can change the quality of our physical experiences, moment to moment.

In the intersecting point of mental and emotional planes of vibrations, every wave pattern stimulates an emotion in us. These feelings align with the visions in our mind. The vibratory spectrum that we feel and imagine in every moment radiates its energetic pattern into the quantum field and electromagnetically attracts energy patterns or experiences that align at the point of intersection of our thoughts and feelings, where they are synchronized vibrationally.

From this point of alignment of mental and emotional vibrations, whatever vibratory level we decide to focus upon determines the quality of our experience. By being clear and focusing into inspiration-expanding consciousness, we can open ourselves to recognition of a more wonderful and beautiful world of experience.

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