Health and Well-Being

What we choose to imagine, perceive, feel and believe creates not only our experiences in the world, but also determines our own health and well-being. All dis-ease has its origin in fear of some kind. When we transform the fear into divine love, the dis-ease no longer exists. At its root, fear is what we feel when we believe we have no innate reality. We do not believe that we are constantly and eternally in the presence of infinite vitality and unconditional love flowing into our heart. We feel unconnected and on our own, not knowing what life is about and just dreaming our way through it. Dis-ease is a natural occurrence of dis-connection from the essence of life. Its message is that we can choose a better life.

This life is to be inspiring and beautiful for us. We can learn how to go within to find out who we truly are as an aspect of the universal Consciousness, which we all participate in, within the limits we impose upon our awareness. We have the power to create a life of abundance, love and beauty now and transform the great challenges of this world. It is time for all of us to shift to a higher level of consciousness. We must intend to be Present as our Master Consciousness.

Our personal reality is our presence, which we feel, as who we are. This presence has an energy signature in the quantum field of infinite potentiality. This field provides the creative energy patterns that we experience in our lives, in resonance with our energy signature. By believing and knowing that we are the same being as the Creator, we enable ourselves to align with the life force and consciousness of the Creator, which guides us into a miraculous life. Our bodies regenerate. We do not die, unless we decide to ascend to a higher dimension.

The great life-force of light, the greatest love and eternal being are flowing into us now through our heart. We only need to recognize it and realize its Presence.

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