Guiding our Chosen Destiny

Quantum physicists have determined that the origin of everything is the universal consciousness or primal cause, that expresses itself as the unified quantum field of all potentialities or the vacuum fluctuation. This is the realm of electromagnetic energy waves and patterns. It is unrealized energy acting and reacting in every possible way. In spiritual conceptualizations and most religions, this universal consciousness is called God, the Supreme Creator. The Universal Consciousness creates conscious Beings, who are extensions of Itself, fractals, which are complete expressions of Itself. All conscious Beings arise out of the Universal Consciousness and are universally conscious. Humans receive from the Universal Consciousness the ability to modulate the energy waves and patterns in the quantum field. This makes us infinitely powerful creators.

If we imagine it, we create it. These words are true, but most of us have not been aware that it applies to all of our mental and emotional processes. Our energy signature is constantly changing with our thoughts and feelings. We can put the ego to rest only when we are completely fearless. We must be vibrating in love.

How can we, as humans in our current spectrum of vibrations under the limitations of our (false) deeply-held beliefs about ourselves, possibly believe that we could be creators of universes and more? It’s a big stretch of our imagination and emotions. It asks us to experience personal immortality in our awareness. We may have to construct scenarios that will take us in that direction. Our ego consciousness needs to be put to rest. We can love and be grateful to our ego for getting us to where we are. We’re still alive in the body, and now the ego can be content and enjoy watching the show. We’ll call on it when we need to do things. We now have higher guidance in our intuition. Universal Consciousness is our real home. We’ve just deployed part of our consciousness to participate in this human experience. Now we’re being called back to awareness of our whole Being.

We can be aware of our vibratory frequency through our emotions. If we intend to go higher, we can learn to be more loving, more compassionate, more joyful and more confident in our eternal presence of Self-awareness. In creating our new world, conscious action may be called for, but the real creative power is our consciousness.

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