Guidance for Humanity

We are being moved to live in deepest love, deeper and greater than we have ever imagined. We are being moved to be inspired in wonderful ways in all areas of life. We are being stimulated into joy and beauty beyond measure. It is flowing through us in the life force that constantly arises for us from within the quantum field. We are constantly coming into Being in the essence of the Creator of all and being expressed as ourselves with our personal energy signatures. We are fractals of divine consciousness, intimately connected in the flow of Creator energy.

As humans we have not been aware of any of this, unless we have begun to expand our consciousness beyond our human energy patterns. We have the ability to choose whatever we want to pay attention to in our experiences both empirical and imaginary. We have the ability to envision and feel whatever we choose. This is our creative ability, which we use constantly. We are the modulators of energy patterns in the quantum field. Most of us have not realized this, but we can open ourselves to greater love and wonder in the vacuum fluctuations of quantum energy. We can feel the quality of all of the energy patterns that we encounter and imagine. By choosing the quality of energy that we want to experience, we receive visions and feelings that attract the qualities we have chosen to align with. This is how we modulate the energy in our presence and create the situations that we experience.

By choosing to imagine being in unconditional love and joy, we are aligning with the flow of life force that we receive constantly in our consciousness. We can choose to be aware of this alignment and be moved to live in this quality of energy in the greatest love, wisdom and compassion for ourselves and everyone. We are transforming our lives into a higher dimension of Being and raising the energy signature frequency of humanity. We are aligning with the rising energy resonance of the Earth. We are expanding the light of our heart. In our radiance, we are emitting conscious photons in alignment with the energy of our Creator. We are the transformers of humanity’s energetic awareness.

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