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Guidance for Awakening to Greater Realization

The process of enlightenment is essentially a process of remembering. In order to penetrate the mind-wipe that we subjected ourselves to upon incarnating, we need to realize the truth about our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves and the nature of ego-consciousness. The primary concern can be recognized in being able to feel the difference, even very slightly, between negativity and positivity. They are separated by a point out of time, with fear and doubt on one side and on the other are love and joy. In our state of duality, we participate in both, but not to the extreme of positivity. To reach that vibratory level, we can intentionally transcend our limitations and just be our presence of awareness. Intentionally without concerns, expectations or attachment to limiting anchors in the dualistic vibratory spectrum of humanity, we can achieve mental and emotional clarity.

In a state of clarity, we can understand the nature of the human experience, its constituent vibrations, and our process of awakening. We can understand and feel the quality of the range of experiences that are possible in this dimension, and we can know clarity without limits. When we are able to intentionally align with clarity of Being, we can be intimately aware of our intuition, which operates on the vibratory level of unconditional love and compassion. It is the light on our path to remembering our true essence, and it is drawing us into greater expansion into infinite awareness.

Nothing in the universe can resist our power of choice in our creative expressions. How we are in our mental and emotional state of being determines the quality of energy that we are radiating into the quantum field. Usually humans continue to create the state of being that they have accustomed themselves to. To escape this kind of energetic filtration, we can use our imagination. Our vibratory radiation is the same for our imaginary scenarios as our empirical experiences. We can learn to use our ability to create visionary experiences that we can feel ourselves living in. This is the quality of energy that we send out for the creation of the quality of our experiences.

Once we understand how we constantly create the quality of our experiences, and we accept personal responsibility for all of our creations, we can learn to be selective with our attention and emotional alignment. If we can allow ourselves to experience our eternal presence of awareness, we can open ourselves to the truth of our Being, our Self-Realization. This requires an awareness of that point out of time between polarities, the point of clarity, of being the presence of awareness of our infinite and eternal essence of Being with the free choice to create whatever we choose to recognize and realize as real.

This is my last post for about 2 weeks, due to my travel schedule.

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