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Growing into Divinity

We can expand our conscious awareness as greatly as our beliefs will allow. Consciousness expansion begins in the heart. This is the portal through which our life force constantly flows to enliven us as self-conscious beings. There is a natural frequency spectrum of the incoming energetic patterns of being. We have the choice of whether we want to pay attention to these vibrations or disregard them and go off on our own adventure into a challenging realm. Most of us have chosen the adventure, but then we didn’t remember what our natural attunement felt like or even believed we could be divine Beings.

If we can imagine being a fractal of our Creator Consciousness, we are expanding our conscious awareness to high-frequency wave patterns in the quantum field. Imagine Being aware of ourselves as grateful, compassionate, loving and joyful in all situations. We can look for the light everywhere and in everyone. We all emit photons that show our radiance. As we become more aligned with our natural energy spectrum, we begin to feel the deepest love enveloping us. We become aware of our true Being, arising out of the Consciousness of the Creator with all of our unlimited creative abilities, sharing the awareness of the light in all conscious beings with unconditional love.

Only by resolving all of our beliefs about our limitations can we begin to even imagine our true Being. Its state of Being is beyond the comprehension of our ego consciousness. We can begin to be aware of our ability to create emotions, and not just react with them to the energy confronting us in every moment. Our emotional creativity works in alignment with our imagination.

Our adventurous spirit can now hunt for our natural spectrum of energy, in which we feel joyful, expansive and inspired. We can search for higher vibrations in every aspect of life, which creates energetic patterns of high-frequency vibrations radiating into the quantum field for manifestation in our experiences. We become aware of wonderful things that are invisible to lower-vibration beings, as our conscious awareness expands, ultimately without limit. Our inner light grows brighter as we emit greater amounts of photons due to our receptiveness of unencumbered life force.

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