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Greater Realization of Our Self

We are here to create a reality that is a higher dimension of human experience, a positive polarity, high-vibration environment on a regenerated Earth. Only with our conscious intent can we do this. We can learn to be our true Selves, the higher version of who we feel we are. By opening our awareness to joy and love, as much as we can, we begin the process of personal transformation to a fulfilling life. We are created to live in joy and ecstasy and to be guided in all our ways by our intuitive knowing.

Coming through the energy of our heart, our intuition is a constant guide, even when we’re unaware of it. Once we recognize it, however, we can realize that its guidance comes from a Being of infinite wisdom and love. It is what we truly know deep within. When our perspective is beyond fear and personal drama, our intuition is the first feeling and thought that we receive in every encounter.

The apparent flow of conscious life force is toward the enhancement of life, in contrast to the death-spiral that humanity has allowed to transpire on our planet, due to our negatively-polarized consciousness. We can change this in our personal lives with our intent to rise into a higher-vibratory, positive life of compassion and joy. The vibratory level of our conscious state of being becomes our personal energy signature, which radiates its energy into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience.

Our conscious state of being attracts energetic patterns that are in alignment. Because our innate being has been compromised by our ancestry and training, we need to choose intentionally to be positive in every moment, and to transform our negative perspective of limitation and fear. With our intentional choice, we can train our innate subconscious to resolve our limiting beliefs and open our awareness to joy and intuitive knowing.

Once we are in a state of contentment, we can realize that our Presence of Being is our awareness, which exists everywhere and is beyond time and space. Consciousness is One, and we have the ability to know its entirety, beyond the compartmentalization of humanity’s world. Our awareness is potentially unlimited.

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