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Greater Levels of Realization

We can continue to go deeper into our conscious self-awareness by intentionally increasing our feelings toward the purist love that we can imagine. By paying attention to these feelings and the visions that accompany them, we can raise our vibrational frequency into closer alignment with our Creator Self. The Creator expression of our Source of Being constantly streams our conscious, unconditionally loving, life force into our awareness. We perceive as much of it as we allow ourselves

Our false beliefs about ourselves keep us from realizing our unlimited Self. Considering our potential, why do any of us continue to keep our limiting perspective? We have become so captivated by the spectrum of energy that humanity vibrates within, that we do not realize that we’ve been in a kind of hypnotic trance, keeping us unaware that the consciousness that we live within is only a tiny part of who we are. We exist beyond time and space as pure, unlimited Self-Awareness, knowing how to create everything we imagine and feel, enabling us to live in a scenario of our focused vibratory level.

Once we get the idea that we can be more than we have been, we can begin to open ourselves to greater love. This must be an emotionally intentional move in order to align our subconscious being with our intentional vibratory spectrum. It is a direct way of resolving our limitations. In order to love our entire Being, we must intend to be accepting, forgiving and loving, while realizing the inner light of the Creator in every encounter. This is the level of vibration that we can elicit in alignment with our greater love and joy.

All of our life experiences can become acts of love, out of the universal consciousness of the Creator. When we intentionally recognize energy patterns that feel loving, we begin to live in this vibration. The deeper we can go, we can approach the greatest love of All. We can focus on this level of vibration in our realization of our unlimited Self-awareness. We begin to realize our multidimensional Self, able to manifest ourselves in more than one dimension simultaneously. This is the beginning of a new way of life, inspired constantly in gratitude and joy, aligned with the energies of the Spirit of the Earth and all life-enhancing perspectives.

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