Going Deeper into Inner Knowing

The masters of life on this planet, those who live miraculous lives, have always known that consciousness is the source of everything that exists. Consciousness is One. It is universal in everything, and we can be aware of the awareness of its entirety. Some quantum physicists have come to a similar conclusion, which brings science and spirituality into alignment. In order to do so, we can resolve our limitations and open ourselves to the consciousness of the Creator. This is the awareness we are designed to participate in. It is our natural state of Being.

By resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we increase our vitality, our life force. By withdrawing our attention from any distractions, we can focus on our own state of being. We can change our vibrational alignment from negative to positive in every moment. We can accept how we feel about ourselves and be compassionate and intentionally loving and understanding about ourselves in the deepest ways, beyond ego consciousness. We can come into alignment with the energy of the heart of our Being by adjusting our own vibratory level to the level of gratitude and love. These are our natural emotions, when we are aware of ourselves beyond time and space.

Along the way we encounter our deepest fear, that of extreme torture and termination of consciousness, but consciousness cannot terminate. It is everywhere always. We are part of it. We can know deeply that our personal awareness is eternal. There is no other possibility. All of our beliefs about ourselves have been shown to be false. We are unlimited in our true awareness.

As we learn to control our focus of attention, while being aware of our emotions, we can be masters of this realm of limited consciousness that humans inhabit. We can become true in every way, and we can live in joy and deep understanding.

When we can completely trust ourselves in every moment, we gain our full life force and awareness into universal consciousness. This awareness is available to us always, whenever we can align ourselves with its polarity and vibratory level. It is the energy of our true heart.

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