Getting Through Challenging Experiences

We are in this dimension for the experiences that we can gain to enlarge our awareness and deepen our understanding and compassion. After many lifetimes as humans, we have accumulated some deep fears, that can disable our ability to align with our higher nature. We have had to live in the limited consciousness of our ego without higher guidance, not knowing that we actually are eternal Beings of unlimited consciousness and unconditional love.

When we are in the grip of deep fear or hatred, even fearing for our life or wanting to destroy someone, we disable our ability to understand our situation and receive higher guidance. We can choose to accept our situation and truly experience it. When we are thoroughly imbued in the negative energy, if we can then take a few deep breaths, we can begin to regain our ability to be open to our intuitive knowing. If we can then choose to open our heart and feel compassion for ourselves for our deep hurt, we can begin the process of resolution. We can forgive ourselves for getting stuck in negative, low-vibration energy and begin to know that we can choose to open our awareness beyond our current state of feeling and thinking.

We can choose to become aware that we are much more than our current human consciousness and physical presence. We can ask for inner strength and guidance from our greater Being, our unseen guides and angels, and our divine consciousness. We can seek awareness of our inner knowing of expansiveness and eternal Being.

If we take advantage of our innate ability to choose whatever level of thought and emotion that we truly want, we can transform our lives. We can train ourselves to resolve all of the false beliefs, old fears and traumas, and our blocks to expanded consciousness. This is a process, and it may require a strong intention and much practice. When we resolve our self-imposed limitations, knowing our true, expanded Being becomes possible, because we no longer need to protect our ego consciousness. We can open ourselves to the awareness of the One we truly want to Be.

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