Getting Clear

If we want to feel joyful and bright all the time, we must be willing to know that we are infinitely powerful creators. We must be able to trust ourselves completely. We have no unfulfilled needs or desires. We are complete in ourselves. We are wildly radiant. The vibrations of our energy signature are very high, and our experiences are expressions of high-frequency emotions. Life is the best!

Few of us have been willing to take the step toward true sovereignty. It is a leap in consciousness, primarily a leap in trust. Ultimately trust in our Selves. We are so deeply trained to be subject to the dark force. We feed it our life force and receive nothing from it, except threats and intimidation and its apparent use of lethal force. We have believed that we are limited in our abilities and are subject to the whims of fate or to the determination of a higher power. Since we’ve spent our whole lives believing in being limited and essentially enslaved, our programming is very deep in our consciousness and must be resolved in the truth of our being.

Our emotions can carry us into a higher realm in collaboration with our imagination. If we imagine ourselves as sovereign, eternal, infinitely creative beings, and we feel being sovereign and infinitely capable, we will be able to begin to recognize that we may be unlimited creators in our essential being. From this perspective, any anomalous feelings of inferiority that arise will just come into resonance with our presence or become unstable and disappear from lack of our life force as we withdraw our recognition.

In order to know an aspect of ourselves, we must recognize it. This goes for any ability we can feel and imagine. Our beliefs and unwillingness are our only limitations to recognizing our true Selves. We can transform our beliefs and be intentional with our attention to focus on high-vibration expressions of energy as emotional experiences, with feelings of joy, love and compassion. This spectrum of energy includes knowing our unlimited nature. It is our natural energy of unconditional love and joy forever. It is our awareness within universal consciousness, and our ability to modulate any energies into patterns that we design with our emotions and imagination. We do this in gratitude and for the good of all, since we are all in essence the same Being. We exist in the conscious life force constantly streaming from the quantum field of the consciousness of the Creator, Who experiences us, and Whom we express in our lives, with our own modulation.

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