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Getting Clear

If we look at humanity’s situation from a higher perspective, all of the low frequency current challenges become irrelevant, and the possible pathways of choice become clear. There is a significant population who are on the path leading into the energy of our heart and recognition of our true divine Being. This group is preparing for the higher dimensions of life.

Those who do not intentionally choose this path of life expansion will continue with life in their accustomed frequency spectrum, gaining experiences as they experiment with mid-to-low-frequency situations. They have not yet determined that they live in an experiential and emotional cage, and that they are barely alive, compared to the radiantly powerful divine Self, whom each of us is in our deepest Self.

We are fractals of our Creator, which means we are the creator of everything we experience. We can create any kind of life we want within the frequency spectrum of our thoughts and emotions. To move beyond the resonance of our energy signature requires intention, elevated imagination and emotions of the soul, emotions like love, joy, bliss, compassion, forgiveness and peacefulness. Living in the frequency spectrum of these emotions and imagination keeps us from attracting low-vibration experiences, because they are not part of our mental and emotional world.

To be able to live high-vibration lives, we need to recognize all of our self-imposed consciousness blocks. They show up whenever we feel the urge to do something that’s not in alignment with our intentions. Ultimately all of these emotional limitations come from deeply fearful experiences. They keep us from being aware of extremely low-frequency states of being. In this way they have protected our egos from potential self-destruction. For this we can thank them, and we can forgive them for keeping us within a boundary of awareness. We can forgive ourselves for getting stuck in low-frequency situations. We can love ourselves for being perfect experience-creating beings and wanting to expand greatly with the energy we feel through our heart. This neutralizes the fear and allows us to reclaim our life force from keeping the emotional limitations alive. In this way we become clear and able to create higher-vibrational lives of wonderful and magical experiences.

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