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Gaining Deeper Understanding and Wisdom

In our essential Being we are unlimited in our awareness and creative abilities, but we have agreed to participate in a very limited spectrum of creative expression and awareness. We chose a low-vibration dimension for our interaction with one another. We made it so compelling in capturing our awareness and locking us into a constant state of fear, that we have lost our sense of Being, but we can reacquaint ourselves with our complete Self.

If we feel attracted to high-vibration feelings of love and joy, we can transform our fixation in the low-vibration realm of fear. We can open our awareness to higher vibrations by paying attention to the energy of our heart and the flow of our life force. When we’re learning how to do this, it is helpful to be in nature, especially in beautiful places with birdsong and fragrant surroundings, where we can relax completely and align ourselves with the energy of the Earth. The Earth is a multi—dimensional being, and as her vibratory spectrum rises, the lower vibrations of humanity are now out of alignment. They are becoming unstable, and those who dwell in that spectrum must rise into resonance or terminate.

Everyone is being drawn into a higher dimension of living. This is the natural flow of our life force, which is enhanced as we become more consciously expanded and transparent. Our Earth Spirit Gaia is drawing us higher in our awareness. She is regenerating and becoming more beautiful for us to perceive in a higher-vibration perspective. If we believe that Earth is just an unconscious thing, we cannot perceive the regeneration, which is in a higher-vibration spectrum, that is beginning to be expressed for all to know.

We are empowering this transition with our awareness of it and our emotional alignment. When we are aware of the natural flow of our life force within the universal consciousness, we are in alignment with the consciousness of Gaia. Through our attention, we add the flow of our life force to this expression of energy. It is all a reflection of our own recognition and realization. This is what we choose to think about and feel. We have the choice in every circumstance to express ourselves in the truth of our Being. By adjusting our perspective to come from our eternal awareness of compassion and love, we elevate the consciousness of humanity.

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