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From Perceived Oppression into Transcendence

Few of us regard ourselves as truly free and fulfilled. That is part of the purpose of life here. We are to remember what true freedom is, and we can compare it knowingly to what is experienced on Earth. We are being asked by the enveloping energies of universal consciousness to make an important decision based on deep experience. We are being asked if we want to be free in a more life-enhancing way, in our memory of eternal awareness.

Our oppression is in our own belief. We have accepted the belief that we are mortal, and that we die. Anything that we believe threatens us with shortness of life instills fear in the consciousness we have accepted as our own identity. Take away our fear and repolarize it as love, and there is no threat. There is only a scenario in which we are genuinely joyful. This is how gaining a loving perspective works. It moves us into a positive, higher-vibrating dimension of life.

Negative experiences stimulate fear and are life-diminishing. Positive experiences stimulate many wonderful feelings. These two polarities co-exist for us, but we have been largely unaware of the real effects of the positive, because we have believed that we are limited beings, with many needs that can only be satisfied by others. We are not required to have these beliefs, since they are not true.

Our true Self is far greater than the human identity that we have assumed. We do not need to believe that we are eternal, because it is true. It is something that we inherently know. No one has to teach us. We just have to realize the unreality of our limiting beliefs and free ourselves to be our timeless Self-Awareness, able to express ourselves without limits. If we can let our imagination run and elevate our feelings to the level of joy and stay in this state of being for a while, we can have a memory of what we feel in our true Being.

We are our own oppressors. Fighting anyone else for freedom only aligns us with oppressive energetics. It is what turns the oppressed into the oppressor. This energy does not exist in the higher dimensions, because it has no life force from universal consciousness. It exists only in human beliefs, and it parasitizes our life force through our alignment with its vibratory patterns in a negative way. The way out of this situation is to change our perspective to awareness of our freedom and abundance. These energetic patterns exist all around and within us. Our intentional recognition and alignment brings them into our experience and enables us to live in a higher dimension here and now.

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