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From Enslavement to Absolute Freedom

Humanity has lived within the confines of enslavement and victimization that we have unwittingly accepted and adjusted our lives to. Most of us do not know who we really are. When we come face to face with the proof, we do not believe it. We have been so deeply exposed to low-vibration energy, that we accept ourselves as victims of circumstances. We cry out to others to help us, not knowing that we are our own victims. Few humans are willing to accept the fact that we are responsible for creating every experience we’ve ever had, as well as the conditions in our environment. We didn’t do this in isolation by ourselves. We’ve all contributed to the process and continue to do so.

In recent decades, an increasing number of us have begun to break out of our self-imposed prison and have been offering to help others do so as well. There are many books, videos and workshops that teach us how to expand our consciousness and remember who we are.

In the perspective of quantum energetics, our manifestation as physically embodied beings is an expression of our greater Being. In our essence, we are constantly arising from the field of universal consciousness as eternal self-realized Beings expressing ourselves as our unique energy signatures in the plasma field of all potentialities.

Our Creator has designed us to be able to modulate the energy fields. What we perceive either through our senses or our imagination, becomes material in our vibratory spectrum. We are creators within the energy field that we express. We empower it all by our emotions and express it into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience. We are doing this constantly with our imaginations, whether we realize it or not. We are constantly creating the qualities of our future experiences. Those scenarios with the greatest emotional intensity create the same vibratory intensity in our experience. Whether in our empirical or our imaginary experiences, we are constantly creating new experiences, as we focus on energy patterns that we choose to have feelings about.

We could be in dire circumstances, facing starvation, and by intentionally focusing and enjoying a life of abundance often and with gratitude, we will shortly transform our personal circumstances to higher vibratory experiences. We are the ones who modulate the energies with our emotional spectrum of intensity and our symbolic thought processes.

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