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Freeing Our Imagination

We are going into challenging times for humanity. It is all designed to awaken as many as possible to who we truly are as divinely conscious sparks of light, enjoying a constant flow of brilliant life force from our Source of Being.

Everything that exists vibrates in a wide range of energy waves. Some of these, within a recognized spectrum of frequencies, our consciousness interprets for us as empirical. All of the waves that we recognize influence us with their frequency. They all stimulate different emotions in us. Only when we are aligned with the high-frequency spectrum of our heart energy do we have the full support of our natural attraction to the higher energy spectrum. This is where we naturally want to be.

We can withdraw our life force from the low vibrations of fear, eliminating its ability to captivate us. This allows us to become intrepid adventurers in imagination. There is great power in our imagination. Much inspiration from our higher Self comes through imagination. Through our imagination, we are raising the frequency resonance of the consciousness of humanity. The high-frequency spectrum of love, peace, abundance and joy is becoming more apparent. The more we attune to it and align our energies, the easier it becomes for everyone who desires to be in the Presence of the Divine.

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