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Follow Your Joy!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Feeling really high about being here now is the key to living in a higher dimension than humanity has experienced. For every leap in consciousness, we need to raise our vibration to the level of frequency of the next dimension. This is a personal responsibility of each of us. It requires our desire and intent. Being in joy is a great way to navigate our experiences. The longer we can stay in this state of being, the higher our energy signature rises, and the closer we move into alignment with our true Self. Joy brings with it other high-vibration emotions—love, forgiveness, compassion and deeper understanding.

By feeling ourselves in the energy spectrum of high-vibration emotions, we stimulate our imagination to create scenarios of high-vibration experiences. These qualities of imagining, feeling, believing and intending all create the vibratory frequencies of our personal energy signatures and attract experiences that are in resonance with us. The clearer and more objective our perspective can be in following the intuition of our heart, the closer our experiences are to our desired quality of life.

By unconditionally loving everyone, we can relate only with the light in the heart of everyone. Anything that detracts from this, we need not relate to. Radiating with the light in our eyes is enough. By giving our attention to anyone conveys the energy of our being. We can be transformative for low-frequency encounters and wonderful for high-frequency encounters. We just keep following our joy, guided by our deepest intuition.

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