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Flowing into Higher Consciousness

Our compartmentalized human consciousness has kept us from realizing our greater Selves. We could not allow ourselves to know what we don’t believe is possible. The resonant frequency of the Earth is rising in waves of higher vibrations, summoning human consciousness to rise into greater realization of our inner light. From this source of our conscious Being, we constantly release photons that create our radiant aura of etheric colors that some of us can see. In the near future, all of us will come into alignment with these higher vibrations in our feelings and thoughts, or we will be very uncomfortable and unstable. It will be difficult for anyone who continues to resonate with low-frequency thoughts and emotions.

When we allow ourselves to flow with the higher vibrations that are streaming into us now, we find that our vitality is rising, and we are being guided into life-enhancing energy patterns. We can experience deeper love and awareness of our eternal consciousness. As we continue to penetrate and expand our awareness, we can begin to enter into universal consciousness, the Being of our Creator. This is the highest level of vibrations and is like facing close to the sun and having every vibration lower than divine, unconditional love and joy burned away, leaving us clear and vibrant, able to create intentionally anything that is life-enhancing for all involved.

We can also ease into higher consciousness more gently, but it still requires strong intention to proceed on the journey into the heart of our Being. All of our limiting beliefs about ourselves will confront us. We will need to resolve them through acceptance, understanding, compassion and transformation or dissolution. As much as possible we can imagine and feel ourselves being our higher-vibratory Self. We know what feelings are stimulated by all of the vibrations, and we can entertain scenarios of great love and joy. These raise our energy signature to higher vibrations, attracting more love into our lives and transforming our experiences. We can enter into higher vibrations than the best romance novels could ever portray. It all happens within our own awareness, as we open ourselves to higher and higher inspired vibrations, feeding us joy and ecstasy, leaving our ego in awe. We can live in this higher spectrum of energy, while also being grounded with the Earth, where we can find elevating energies transforming our experiences.

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