Finding Ourselves

We all want to live filled with vitality, great love, freedom and abundance. Our natural state is vibrant and joyous. All we need to do is to allow it to happen for us.

Deep within us, we have barriers that keep us locked in a low-vibration energy signature. The limitations that we haven’t yet been able to release are hidden deep in our consciousness, not allowing us to be aware of them. Except that they sometimes appear. Their presence activates a process in us that is not our normal way of being, especially if we’re powerfully challenged or attacked. If this subconscious energy were not activated, we probably would not be attacked, because our frequency lives in higher-quality experiences. All low-frequency vibrations are related to fear and involve psychological protection of the ego. As they arise, we can forgive them for limiting us, thank them for their intended service (probably developed from experience of very deep pain and trauma) and love them with compassion. This transforms the energy to higher vibrations and more love and is a way of clearing away the limitations to our conscious awareness.

As we release our self-imposed energy blocks and emotional knots, we open ourselves to the truth of our Being. If we look into the energy of our heart, we encounter who we really are in our eternal Self. We find our inner light and begin to experience unconditional love, the essence of the consciousness of all that is. We feel it flowing with our life force into our radiant heart. This is the life available to us, if we choose to experience it. It is our return to our true nature, which we forgot, when we incarnated here.

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