Finding Our Way Home

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Since infancy we’ve accommodated the perspective held by most humans. This perspective includes belief that we are imperfect in many ways, vulnerable to intimidation and mortal. Our personal experience bears this out. We believe that reality is limited to empirical experience and physical expression in our sensory perceptions and in the world outside of our body. But what if all of this is just a projection of our own consciousness in conjunction with everyone else? How can we know what is real?

In quantum physics everything is an expression of universal consciousness. Every expression has an electromagnetic energy signature that resonates at a measurable frequency. It’s unique to everyone. The resonant frequency of the Earth has been measured at 7.83 cycles per second. In order to live on this planet, we must resonate in alignment with the vibratory frequency of the Earth. Our energy signature contains the patterns of all of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, from the most deeply held to our current passing fantasy. Everything that we experience in the empirical world is a complex of interactions of energy patterns that we recognize and interpret as physical experiences. There’s nothing solid about the empirical world. The amount of condensed energy in all of the atoms is miniscule, compared with the space within the atoms. What we perceive is the spin of the energy patterns that we interpret and recognize as solid material.

Physicists have shown that everything is energetic patterns of electricity and magnetism. Our bodies are electromagnetic expressions of our personal consciousness. Everything we experience is a projection of our consciousness. Universal consciousness is constantly creative, and we are part of it. We participate in the creative process by recognizing energy patterns and changing them with our thoughts and emotions. We are modulators of energy. Our thoughts give form to our experiences, and our emotions provide the quality or feelings of our experiences.

By recognizing ourselves as pure eternal consciousness, we can create any life experience that we want. We are unlimited Beings with infinite abilities. We are constantly creating our experiences in every moment by the quality of our presence. We all know this within our own consciousness. To gain access to it, we must resolve all of our fears and limiting beliefs about ourselves and learn to live in love and peace, even if we have to pretend for a while.

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