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Finding Our Way Back Home

Our only reality is within. Deep in our sense of being we know our participation in the consciousness of the Creator. Within this consciousness we exist and express ourselves as patterns of energy comprising our personal energy signature that exists eternally in the quantum field. We can create anything and anyone that we express through the energy of our heart, with our imagination and emotions. We radiate our vibrations into the quantum field for manifestation in the dimension intended.

We created the empirical world to experience a physical presence in ways not possible for us otherwise. Unfortunately we were able to create the personal boundaries and limitations necessary to participate in this energy spectrum, and they were so convincing, that we got our attention locked into these limiting vibrations, unable to be aware of our true Being.

Our limitations are all self-imposed in our own personal consciousness. We have taken on these limitations intentionally or by our acceptance of them. Many have been accepted through trickery and deceit. We believe them all, and they require us to believe that we are inherently limited, mortal beings. The limitations are all based in fear. We believe that we can be threatened, intimidated, tortured and killed. We believe that we have flaws, are ashamed of ourselves in some ways, and must depend on others for our survival and well-being. These beliefs are all false, as we find out, if we can penetrate our consciousness deeply enough.

The first requirement is for us to be in joy. This is the level of vibration that takes us into the energy of our heart. Joy is accompanied by gratitude, love, peacefulness, and compassion. These are all natural feelings in our true Being. By asking for them to arise and imagining situations in which they would be present, we can raise the frequency of our energy signature. We can resolve all of our limitations and make the leap into a higher dimension, where we are present as sovereign, eternal, infinitely powerful creators within the universal consciousness of the One Being that we all are.

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