Finding Our True Nature

Our self-identity has been shaped by complex energies in our continuing awareness. We have imagined and allowed discordant vibrations to disorient us. We have lost our alignment with our true being. In the process we’ve scattered our life force into the realm of mortality and separation from our self-knowing, leaving us with very little personal power and few abilities. By believing that we belong in a state of enslavement, because we create imperfection, we have trapped ourselves in a state of limited awareness. Once we are aware that we’re involved in a limited spectrum of experiences, we can begin to realize that there is much more beyond.

Our intuition can align us with our natural vibrations. We may recognize the conscious creative energy that directs everything, as the supreme Creator of all, from whose Being we all are continuously created. This universal consciousness expresses itself as the unified quantum field of all potentialities, the vacuum fluctuation. Out of this realm of infinite patterns of energy, we express ourselves by constantly radiating the energy of our being into the quantum field, within which we reside as fractals of the One universal consciousness.

To recognize our most consciously expanded presence of Being, we can stop focusing on low-vibratory experiences and reclaim our life force, so that we can be empowered in the essence of our being. We become like energetic capacitors, directing our conscious focus on high-vibration experiences only, while being open to act intuitively in every encounter. Our true intuition is in the flow of conscious life force constantly running through our awareness. We only have to recognize it and realize what it is.

Through intentional alignment with the feelings within our life force, we can expand our awareness beyond the matrix of energies that we share with humanity. We can begin to observe what happens to us as we focus on different frequency spectra. We may find that our focus and emotional state create the quality of our experiences. As fractals of the Creator, we are unlimited in our ability to create everything. We modulate the energies in the quantum field with our energy signatures, which resonate with our thoughts and feelings. We are creating a new world with our vibratory state of awareness, a world that is natural to every enhancement of life, vitality and expansion of high-vibrational experiences of love, joy and abundance.

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