Fear and Its Transformation

Fear is a low-vibration frequency of energy. It sucks out our life force. Why would we ever choose to experience its spectrum? Well, if we’re curious, we just want to know what it’s like. But this experience requires care, because fear spreads throughout our consciousness and can trap us. Fear creates fearful, low-vibrational experiences while we’re in the grip of it. It can be challenging to rise above it by going into our heart energy and remembering who we are. But this is how to transform fear. We must confront it from the perspective of knowing our sovereignty as eternal energy beings of unconditional love. From this perspective, we cannot be threatened, because we are in unity with the consciousness that creates universes. There can be no dark energy here, because the vibrational spectrum is too high. This is where miracles occur, because the threats and dark energy cannot reach beyond their own spectrum of frequency.

All of our experiences come with an emotional expression, which is a function of the frequency of each experience. What we feel is the energy resonant frequency within which we are vibrating in each moment. We can completely change our experiences by changing our resonant frequency.

Quantum physics has shown that only energy exists until an observer becomes aware of it, and then an energy pattern becomes physical. By passionately imagining the experiences we want as expressions of our heart energy, and feeling that we are in those experiences, we raise our vibrations and create our physical presence in those experiences.

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