Facing the End Times

We are experiencing a planetary emergency unlike anything we’ve faced before. It’s not about climate or earth changes. We are staring into the face of pure evil that is attempting to terminate human life on this planet. The ruling elite have led us into a realm of fear and destruction in every conceivable level of low-vibration energy. This is the finale of our descent into fear. As we and our neighbors become so distraught with lockdowns, masks, forced distancing from each other, starvation and forced injections of poisons and lethal parasites, we’re finding it difficult to maintain faith that the light is getting brighter and the energy that envelopes us is rising in frequency. Let’s take a few deep breaths and reevaluate our situation.

We incarnated here to experience feelings and thoughts that would not be possible for us in the higher dimensions of Creator energy, which is where we were created to be. We arise from a conscious Being that is unconditionally loving and expansive, and we have the ability to choose to experience whatever we desire. We wanted a challenge that would deepen our understanding of the qualities of life. We wanted to know what we could not know in the higher dimensions. We wanted to develop deeper love and compassion than we had been capable of. Our solution was to create the spectrum of energetic patterns and frequencies that we are now experiencing. Our stay here would not be complete until we came into the presence of the darkest, lowest-vibration energies that can exist. This is our final experience of living in the lowest vibrations of fear.

We now have the opportunity to use abilities that we have not recognized in ourselves during this incarnation. As we become motivated to transform our situation, we begin to ask for help from higher powers, not yet realizing that we hold within us the higher powers. Because of our free will, our lives cannot be interfered with by divine Beings. They can assist us, but only to the extent of directing us to our true Being. This is cosmic law. Our universe is constantly created moment to moment within these patterns of energy. We must become the masters of our own lives. We have participated in the creation of our current circumstances, and we must create our way back to higher dimensional experience.

We must awaken from the hypnotic trance that we’ve been experiencing as life on Earth and realize our true capabilities and the essence of our presence of Being. We are fractals of the Being that expresses Itself as the universal consciousness that constantly creates everything. We are not mere humans. We are the Creators of worlds. We are the modulators of all energy patterns that we recognize. By focusing our attention and feelings in scenarios filled with love, joy and fulfillment in every way that we can imagine, we can change the energetic environment that we experience. This is how we can encounter any low-vibration experience and any beings of evil intent. By choosing to hold a perspective of kindness and compassion, we transform all low vibrations into higher frequencies of beauty and peace. In this way we are creating our New World in a higher dimension. We are experiencing the energy of Ascension, and it all happens within our own expanding consciousness.

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