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Extracting Ourselves from Tragedy

For many of us, it’s extremely difficult to take our focus off of a dire situation that we may find our selves in. If we live in a devastated country and have no access to life-supporting elements, we’re without food and money and have no known prospects for help, it is a great challenge to understand our situation and be able to transform it with our consciousness, but it is possible.

All energy based in fear can exist only if we offer it our life force. If we recognize it as a reflection of some aspect of our own being, we can free ourselves from it. Realize that every challenge is an anomaly in our energy signature. Its low vibratory frequency is incompatible with our natural being, and we can recognize it as such through our emotions in those frequencies. The way out is to focus on what is true in our deepest being, the energy of our heart. By removing our attention from our outward situation whenever possible, we withdraw our life force from it and channel it to the expressions of our heart energy.

As we raise our vibrations, we begin to align our energies with our higher Self, whom we know through our heart-mind. This is us without any of the personal drama, judgments, and all kinds of energies entangled in lower frequencies. As we engage ourselves in intense self-questioning and examination, we begin to understand our truth of being, who we are apart from our habitual thoughts and imaginings. If we drop our fears of survival on all levels, our disfunctional relationships, our debts, our karma, and any other attachments we have, what is left to be?

This is our natural state of being. It is our awareness. It is who we know we are intuitively. It is an aspect of universal consciousness knowing itself, and it manifests its life force through our heart-mind. We feel its presence as the frequency spectrum of unconditional love, joy, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. When we align ourselves with these energies, we are aligned with our higher Self, and our lives become wonderful in every way. Our true Self has all of its desires and needs fulfilled before even asking for anything. Once we know this state of being, we can live in it whenever we choose. It is the dimension that we’re all moving into.

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