Expressing Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the essence of consciousness, not just human consciousness, but universal consciousness. It is the resonance of Prime Creator with inherent Being. It is the quality of the quantum field of all potentialities. It is the highest, most joyous and purest frequency that we can feel. By its magnetic energy, it draws everything into alignment with its resonance. We can identify it as the life force that flows into our heart constantly from the Creator. It is the source energy for all forms of love. It is the deepest love we can experience. It is non-intrusive, allowing our free-will attunement with it. It is the essence of our higher guidance, which comes to us from our deepest Being, which has perfect resonance with unconditional love.

From our current dimension of life, we can be completely unaware of it. We can shut it out of our experience, which also shuts down our life force, forcing those who take this path to attempt to become parasitic toward those who receive it.

We are designed to be the expressions of unconditional love. We cannot comprehend this. It’s beyond the abilities of the mind. The mind can just observe. This space cannot be described in words. We have to go into our deepest heart energy to experience this. It must be felt in our emotions, which can penetrate beyond the mind to the realm of joy and exhilaration.

Our heart lives in this realm. Our heart is the most powerful being within our bodies. Its natural radiance is beautiful and clear. It conveys vitality and deepest love to us constantly. This is the high-vibration energy that we are invited to participate in and resonate with. As we receive guidance from our heart energy, we are free to create whatever quality of scenario we wish to experience. Our experience is the Creator’s experience. On a deeper level, this is what we realize when we express unconditional love for all and everything. It is all us. We are all essentially the same being, arising out of the quantum field to express who we are. Who we are is our personal expression of unconditional love in the world we share with humanity and in other dimensions.

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